Living on a Porcelain Cup

Date: January 30th, 2011 A few years ago, I had a particularly memorable piano lesson. It started out like any other: I came in after school,  having just wolfed down a tuna sandwich, and, with the same kind of delicacy, hammered out my Beethoven Sonata for my teacher. Here I don’t use the word “hammered” […]

Airplane Stream of Consciousness

Time: 5:31am Temperature: -56°C Ground speed: 643.74km/h Location: 36,000ft above Greenland 1 of 9 hours: The excitement begins! Going to live in a little village in France for eight months!  Can’t wait to finally see the village for myself, instead of just stalking through it on Google Earth! First thing on the agenda will be […]

Hello, France

[Note to friends and family: I might be a little late in posting this, but I had to post my Brussels journals first. Otherwise I would have had to reverse the order, and that would have been confusing. I think.] Location: French village Reasons for being in French village: 1) am angsty 20-year-old, 2) am […]

Dinner Party for the Exiles

“I’m convinced that there’s a little cockroach in all of us. The part of us that is determined to survive. The part of us that adapts to new surroundings and circumstances. The part of us that stays hidden during routine life, but springs to action when there is a disturbance…” The Inner Cockroach, April 28th […]

Brussels Food Markets: Some Serious Research

Location: Brussels, Belgium Number of days since last beer-tasting session: 43 Emotional state: very serious, studious Reaction to emotional state: empowered Eyebrow behaviour: furrowed, could cut through diamonds Dear Reader, I, the Curious Cockroach, feel that I need to get down to business sometime or another. After reading my previous posts, one might have the […]

The Mission, the Weapon, the Toilet Seat Extravaganza

Written on December 2nd, 2008, at 6:01pm Location: bathroom stall, super posh Brussels restaurant Emotional state: indescribable Here I am: standing in a bathroom stall with marble floors, clutching my boyfriend’s love letter in my hand, watching with complete awe as the automated toilet seat before me rotates while cleaning itself and perfuming the air, […]

Monsieur Duivelszoon: Nuclear Scientist, Landlord, and Man of Mystery

Location: apartment bedroom in Brussels, as far away from electrical outlet as possible Fun Fact: “Duivelszoon” means “son of the devil” While I was making carrot soup in the communal kitchen today, Monsieur Duivelszoon (the landlord) popped by the house after work. He was wearing a suit with black polished shoes. I hadn’t seen him […]